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Update Early Years Foundation Curriculum to 2012 version  This resource has been viewed by a moderator.

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Assigned to:No-one
Created:Neil Thompson at Thu, 04/10/2012 - 08:30
Status:Open (General Task / Priority Normal)
Case reference:Commtap: 866-868

There are four aspects to this task:

  1. Add in the new skills lists for the EYFS 2012 - done.
  2. Write some code to automatically (and roughly) convert the old EYFS skills areas to the new ones for each early years page - this is preferable to doing them all manually as that would take a long time. Job for a developer.
  3. Go through all the early years pages to check whether they have the right skill area (after doing the rough conversion), and changing any that might not be quite right. Job for anyone who familiar with working in early years settings (e.g. teachers, speech and language therapists).
  4. Add in descriptions for each of the new Early Years skills and levels - in accordance with the "Development Matters in the Eraly Years Foundation Stage" guidance - job for anyone (it's mostly copying and pasting) - contact us if you are interested in doing this.

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