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What are your favourite apps for working on communication?  

  • Do you use apps as part of your communication work/speech and language therapy?
  • Which ones are your favourites?
  • iPad/Android?
  • If you also use a tablet for office work (e.g. for notes/reports/emails), is it the same one as the one you would use with children/adults you work with?

1 comment

Neil Thompson Wed, 08/10/2014 - 10:56

Re: What are your favourite apps for working on communication?

I'm looking at apps for AAC: Proloquo2go and Grid2 are both great (Grid2 is soon to become Grid3). Scene and Heard is another nice AAC app. We don't yet have any tablets at work - we are however likely to get Android tablets for general work use. These apps seem to be mostly on iPad - so have to borrow every time I visit a school.

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