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Using PowerPoint to make AAC for eye gaze communicators

Use this PowerPoint to create simple communication systems for eye gaze communicators. It contains an example of a slide that can be used for communicating messages, plus a method for a user to be able to move away from the communication screen to a blank screen for a rest. Note that this PowerPoint will probably only work with Microsoft PowerPoint and not with other software such as Open/Libre Office.

When running it, it will usually be best to run it in kiosk mode - otherwise there will probably be certain parts of the screen that if gazed to will cause slides to advance or the presentation to finish: to do this go to slide show -> set up slide show -> browsed at a kiosk.

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Neil Thompson Sun, 17/01/2016 - 07:49

Re: Using PowerPoint to make AAC for eye gaze communicators

Has anyone tried to use this? We're trying this with a Tobii PC Eye Go and "Windows Control". The problem we have is that the user doesn't just have to keep their eyes within one of the cells for that cell to trigger, they must maintain fixation in one point in that cell for it to trigger.

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Using PowerPoint to make AAC for eye gaze communicators

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