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Updated Search Page

29 June 2015

Updated search so that you can search by section (for example primary, secondary). For example:….

For communication targets/activities, the scale will appear next to the title of each result (e.g. "EL P8" - English Listening P8). You can change this scale in the box labelled "Categorisation" on the left hand side.

More than 50,000 children supported through the use of Commtap

Our recent survey, data from Google "web analytics" and a bit of maths shows that nearly 25,000 children are currently being supported in the UK with activities from Commtap and more than 50,000 children globally. Full story.

Question/comment levels ("Blank's Levels of Discourse") now on Commtap

"Blank's Levels of Discourse" (often referred to as Blank's levels or Blank's levels of questionning) are now on Commtap. You can find descriptions of them here:
  • follow the links on the right of that page to get a description for each level;
  • on the page describing each level you will get a link to activities on Commtap which are already categorised with a Blank's level, for example level 3 in primary.
So far question/comments levels have been added to most activities sheets up to P-scale level P6 and one or two at higher P-levels and National Curriculum levels. There are a lot more activities sheets which could be categorised with them however - it would be fantastic if you could do this for any activities sheets you use if it applies. All you have to do is:
  • click on "edit" near the top of an activities sheet;
  • click on "Step 3 - optional information";
  • scroll down the page and choose one or more Blank's Levels of Discourse;
  • click on "Done".

To find stuff at a particular question/comment level, go to one of the lists of language and comunication activities (e.g. Home -> Targets and Activities -> Primary -> Language and Communication); click on "More categories" in the "Commtap Guided Search" box on the left, click on a level under "Question/comment level...").

Commtap Anniversary Presentations


Download the PowerPoint presentations given at Commtap's Anniversary event on 10th June:

  Jane Stokes: Speech and language therapy: art or science?

  Neil Thompson: Latest developments and an overview of Commtap.

Create a list of your favourite pages on Commtap


If you login to Commtap, you can bookmark your favourite pages so that you can easily find them later. A box on the left hand side of every page will contain a list of your favourite pages:

Training listed on Commtap can now link to the research evidence


Courses and events from a number of providers are now listed on Commtap.

When choosing a type of intervention for use in school, home or elsewhere, it is important to know whether or not the intervention is going to be useful for those you work with or care for. The Communication Trust has worked with the Better Communication Research Programme to produce the What Works database - this is a developing database of interventions for enhancing children's communication, and provides information about how an intervention is delivered, research evidence, the use of an intervention in practice, and where to find more information.

Providers can now add a link to any information that is contained in this database, and, where they have done this, the link will appear in the information at the top of a course/event page. For example see this page for PECS workshop offered by Pyramid Consultants.

Of course it is always important to get impartial professional advice - such as from a Speech and Language Therapist - before making a commitment to a particular type of intervention.

Neil talks about Commtap now and in the future

7 March 2014

Commtap from Catch Creative on Vimeo.


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