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News 2011-2013  

If you are having problems with logging into the site, please email us on support@commtap.org. Or alternatively use the contact form - especially if you don't hear back from us, or you didn't get the registration email when you tried to sign up.

Commtap Leaflets

31 May 2013

We have new leaflets which organisations can distribute to those they work with.

Signalong CEO

24 October 2012

Signalong - a charity that promotes key word signing in the UK - is looking for a new Chief Executive Officer to lead the organisation. More information on the Signalong website.

No Pens Day Wednesday 2012

21 September 2012

No Pens Day Wednesday is returning this year on Wednesday 10th October.

"No Pens Day Wednesday was a flagship event of the Hello campaign (national year of communication), which encouraged schools to put down their pens and to run a day of speaking and listening activities." The Communication Trust

Suggestions for activities on Commtap which you could use with your class on No Pens Day Wednesday.

Find out how your school can get involved in No Pens Day Wednesday this year.

Commtap Summer 2012 Newsletter

11 July 2012

Read the Commtap summer 2012 newsletter.

Using Commtap - 5 minute video

15 May 2012

Watch a 5 minute video about using Commtap.

Faster Commtap

2 May 2012

Commtap is now on a faster server - so pages should now load a lot quicker.

Commtap to speed up

27 April 2012 

In the next few days Commtap will be running off a new server - the computer where the site lives. This should make the pages on the site load quite a bit quicker (some pages are a little slow at the moment). 

For most people, the site being quicker should be the only change they will notice. 

In a small number of cases, where a school/organisation has very strict web browsing security software, it's possible that that software may block many of the pages on the site. This is because although the web address of the site is exactly the same (commtap.org), the software may notice that it's coming from a different computer that it does not know about. If this happens, you may need to ask whoever is responsible for IT in your organisation to unblock the site (make sure they unblock "en.commtap.org" in particular).

Upload files

28 March 2012

As well as adding activities sheets in Word document format, you can now add files for supporting communication activities to the site.

How to contribute ("upload") files to Commtap.

Contribute ("upload") activities sheets without logging in

5 December 2011

You can now contribute ("upload") activities sheets in Word document format (just as you were able to do on the old site). Click on "Create!" and then on "Upload a New Activities Sheet".

Download Word documents

8 November 2011

You can now download activities sheets as Word documents. This will enable you to adapt activities sheets specifically for the children or adults you work with. This applies to Language and Communication Activities pages and Phonology and Articulation activities pages. You can download a Word document wherever you see this icon: 

You can open these documents with Microsoft Word. If you have an older version of Word (prior to Word 2007), you may need to download a "converter" from Microsoft to be able to open the file - the Word documents on Commtap use the newer format.

We are planning changes to the site which will allow you to re-upload any Word documents you have modified without logging in, to help build up the Commtap resource.

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