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Terms and Conditions for Organisation Pages and Publicising Training or Events on Commtap  

Yes, we have terms and conditions!

Who can have their own pages on Commtap

  • Any organisation or individual working in the field of communication disability in some way (in children or adults or both);
  • Organisations/individuals could offer products for sale (for example books and other resources), events, training, or other services related to the field of communication disability;
  • Any products or services that an organisation/individual offers should be within the scope of what is reasonable for work with communication disability: in particular, any techniques/services presented by organisations should be sound and evidence based;
  • Commtap reserves the right to decline an organisation's application for pages on Commtap, or to remove existing pages an organisation/individual, should, in Commtap's opinion, the organisation be promoting products or services which are not consistent with the terms on this page.

What events and training can be publicised on Commtap

  • Training/events must be related to communication disability in some way (in children or adults or both);
  • The techniques presented by the training should be sound and evidence based - controversial ideas not backed up by any evidence may be removed.
  • If you are able to provide a link to independent research validating any methodology presented in your training that would be great. You could also refer to the Communication Trust's What Works database.

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