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Who we are  

Are you a speech and language therapist? You could work for Commtap!
Commtap is looking for an experienced speech and language therapist to write ideas to help parents support their children with communication difficulties. Find out more and apply.

These are some of the people involved in the co-ordination and running of the project (and provide their time for free in doing so!)


Lorna Lloyd

Lorna trained at University College London on the Masters course to become a speech and language therapist after some teaching, raising a family and running a small business.  She specialised in working with children on the autistic spectrum and their families. She now works part time in mainstream primary schools in Tower Hamlets - and in between enjoys family life and walking in the Welsh rain!

Clare Minton

Clare has recently joined the Commtap team!


Neil Thompson

Neil's first career was in electronic design, he retrained as a speech and language therapist in the 90s following two years secondary school teaching in Guyana (South America). He splits his time between (amongst other things) speech and language therapy (mainly with children and young people with complex needs), web development, and inline skating.

Many other people have been involved in keeping the project going - particularly all the people who have added or edited material on the site.

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