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Language and Communication understand and use personal pronouns eg he she  This resource has been viewed by a moderator.


For the child to understand and use personal pronouns - he, she, him, her, his, hers, them, theirs.

Early years skill:not specified
Early years typical range:not specified
P-scales/Nat. Curriculum skill:English Speaking
P-scales/Nat. Curriculum level:L1a
TAP skill:Language Expression
TAP level:TAP60
Section:Primary (5-11yrs) info
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Activity/strategy name and materials required How to do the activity Key principles for doing the activity and comments
Small world people

A boy doll

A girl doll

2 or 3 other dolls

3 identical sets of items, e.g. toy food, counters, any small items.

Flash cards with one target word written on each.

1. Explain to the child that you are going to play a game that will help them learn 'he, she, him, her, his, hers, them, theirs'. They must listen very carefully and think hard about the right words.

2. Set out the dolls - a boy, a girl and a group of dolls. Show the child the flash cards one at a time, and decide which doll each word should go with (e.g. 'he' goes with the boy doll).

3. Collect up the cards at the end.

4. Put out one set of food with each doll / group of dolls. Give the child instructions to carry out that use the target words, e.g.:

'he gave a burger to her';

'she gave a sandwich to them';

'he gave her apple to them';

'they ate his crisps'

5. Give the child an opportunity to give instructions to you. You will need to help them think through the pronouns to use.

To vary the activity, use different materials.

For older children, you could use pictures of people for the boy, girl and group. Use basic classroom equipment for the objects (e.g. pen, pencil, paper).

This can be used as a group activity.

Colouring Challenge

Copies of black and white pictures of a boy, a girl, a group of 2 or 3 children

Colouring pens or pencils

Something to make a barrier with, e.g. a folder

Flash cards with one target word written on each.

This can also be a group activity. Each child needs a copy of the pictures.

Picture Description

Action picture cards of people carrying out different actions.

Flash cards with one target word written on each.

This can also be used as a group activity.

It may be necessary to provide a model sentence for the child. A good way to do this is to write it out on a whiteboard, with blanks for the child to fill in. E.g. '___ is ____'.


Published worksheets are available. Examples of suitable published worksheets are those available in the CLIP series of workbooks.


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