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Commtap - Communication Resources - spring 2016 newsletter  

If you are having problems with logging into the site, please email us on support@commtap.org. Or alternatively use the contact form - especially if you don't hear back from us, or you didn't get the registration email when you tried to sign up.

We have some news about recent updates on Commtap. We would also like your views about how we should fund Commtap, and how we should go about expanding the resources on it.

In case you had forgotten :-), Commtap is a collaborative website for sharing ideas for working with children and adults with communication difficulties.

In this newsletter:

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Survey about funding and expanding Commtap

It would be fantastic if you could take a few moments of your time to fill in this survey about funding and expanding Commtap - this is really important to help us know what we should be doing next.

What's new on Commtap

Here are some things Neil has been working on - hopefully to make the site even nicer!

Since the last newsletter (which was nearly two years ago), I've added a few things to Commtap (you may have already found them...):

Was that assessment just luck...?

Added the multiple choice probability calculator online app - I was assessing a young woman for her single word understanding - due to her physical difficulties, she could only eye gaze a choice between two pictures, but having assessed her with 16 pairs of pictures, she'd eye gazed to the correct one for 13 of those pairs. I wanted to know how likely that could have just been luck, or if she really did have that level of understanding. That requires some maths - I couldn't find a calculator on the internet to exactly do the calculation that was needed, so I created a calculator on Commtap - and now I know the answer to that question. You can find that answer too: https://en.commtap.org/mcprobcalc.

What are children getting from text and signs?

An older online app on Commtap tries to answer the question "What do children get from a text if they just know the high frequency written words?", and "What meaning can Makaton/Signalong users get when key words are signed for them?": see the Text Mangle Tool - you'll need to scroll down to the comments at the bottom of that page for an explanation of what that's all about.

To share or not to share

When you create a new page or upload a new resource on Commtap, you have the option to publish it on the site, or just keep it private to yourself (draft). When you publish it, you can do it so that people can see that you wrote it, or you can make it anonymous.

New uploaded resources pages

The uploaded files and pictures pages were looking rather dull, and you didn't really know what was in the files - so I have improved this - so now you can see what's in the files before downloading them. And, it's now really really easy to upload your own resources. Why not give it a try? See the new look uploaded resources pages.

Where did I find that resource?

You might find a brilliant resource on Commtap, then two weeks later, wished you could remember where you found it (hopefully you will have remembered you found it on Commtap), anyway, there are two ways you could find pages on Commtap again - (1) you can add any page to your personal favourites list on Commtap (you'll find a heart to click/tap on towards the top right of each page - it turns a sort of mauve colour when you click on it); or (2) you can look at the list of your recently viewed resources on Commtap.

Why do I have to log in?

You may have noticed that since last September, you now have to log in to Commtap to view a lot of the resources (yes - what's that all about Neil?) Well, the idea of Commtap is that it is a collaborative site, we really want people to be involved in it in whatever way they can, requiring that you log in is a step towards doing that - and it also means you can do more on the site, for example: share your ideas and resources, add comments, have a favourites page, see what you looked at recently. Commtap is your site, so please do get involved with it!


  • We'd really like to make Commtap mobile friendly. Would you like us to do that?
  • I'm planning on making an eye gaze communication aid online app on Commtap - a bit niche I know - but if that interests you just let me know. Any online app on the site that might interest you - let us know (we won't be doing games though - plenty of those around already - but if you were to add a communication activities page about making computer games useful for communication that would be brilliant).

A question about events and training

Would you like us to continue publishing information about events and training? We put this feature on the site as there didn't seem to be anywhere you could find a comprehensive list of training and events that were going on. Not many people have been adding events to the site however. If you would like us to continue with this feature, then let us know - and tell us whether you would use it to look for events/training or to publicise them. Otherwise we'll discontinue this feature for now. List of training offered by Commtap.

And finally... that survey

If you got this far thank you so much for reading. And, if you could fill in our survey about funding and developing Commtap that would be fantastic!

Thank you!


The Commtap Team

By the way, if you want to email us, then you can just hit reply on this email!


Communication Activities

Commtap CIC is a not for profit company which, through its website: www.commtap.org and other activities, empowers people to support children and adults with communication difficulties.

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