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The Communication Trust  

Every child understood

What we do

The Communication Trust is a coalition of almost 50 not-for-profit organisations.

Working together we support everyone who works with children and young people in England to support their speech, language and communication.

Our work focuses on supporting children and young people who struggle to communicate because they have speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) as well as supporting all children and young people to communicate to the best of their ability.

We do this because our ability to communicate affects us in every aspect of our lives. Many children could be helped to communicate better and some children need really focused support to reach their full potential.

No child or young person should be denied that opportunity.

Who we work with

The Trust was founded by Afasic, BT, the Council for Disabled Children and I CAN. They recognised that in order to make a lasting impact for children and young people, particularly those with SLCN, we need to work collaboratively and collectively.

Since 2007 we have brought together nearly 50 organisations, combining the efforts of the not-for profit sector and working constructively with Government and civil society to ensure positive outcomes for children and young people.


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Resource showing how the Primary National Curriculum (2014) programme of study statements can be broken down in relation to the
typical stages of language development.


The Communication Trust's free online toolkit resource with information, guidance and practical support for staff working in education settings. It is designed to help people to understand, review and shape their approach to involving children and young people as part of everyday good practice. Download from the Communication Trust's website.

  This is a free resource for staff working in education settings to help them understand, review and shape their approach to involving children and young people as part of everyday good practice.
Background The Communication Trust's publication "Communicating Phonics" has been published to help teachers who are administering the Year 1 phonics screening check to children with speech language and communication needs (children with SLCN).

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