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Commtap Code Download  

If you are having problems with logging into the site, please email us on support@commtap.org. Or alternatively use the contact form - especially if you don't hear back from us, or you didn't get the registration email when you tried to sign up.

HTML to docx Converter (BSD licensed version)

This code is used to power the Word document downloads on this site (example - click on the Word document icon towards the top right of that page). The code is available under a GPL license from htmltodocx.codeplex.com.

A "donation ware" BSD version (suitable for closed source and commercial projects) is available for download here - click on the "Donate" button below - after you have made a payment (minimum £5 - GB, or $8 - US per domain/sub domain that the code will be used on), you will be able to follow a link to a page where you will be able to download the BSD licensed converter.

 HTML to docx Converter

  • BSD licensed HTML to docx Converter (h2d_htmlconverter.php) - this is what you are getting for your donation (view the license);

As a convenience, the following are also included in the download package. These are also available at htmltodocx.codeplex.com (and elsewhere) with the same licenses:

  • simplehtmldom (MIT license);
  • PHPWord (LGPL license).

You should check the source code there to verify that the licensing of these are also appropriate for your requirements.

Please donate a minimum of 5 GBP (8 USD) per domain/sub domain that the code will be used on, thank you! After you have made your donation click on "Return to Commtap CIC" to go to the download page. Any problems, please contact us.

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