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You are free to reproduce most of the text that appears on Commtap - either non-commercially or commercially. In general, all you will need to do is include a link back to Commtap (www.commtap.org), and include this same condition on the material that you pass on. If you are printing out pages from Commtap for others, then this information will already be included in the page.

Most pages use the "GNU Free Documentation License", newer pages also use a Creative Commons License (the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-SA)), which imposes a minimum amount of restrictions on how the material is used. When re-using material from Commtap, you can use any of the licenses specified.

We prefer to use a license which allows both non-commercial and commercial use of the material as this maximises the freedom of re-use.

Text communication resource pages include: "Language and Communication" pages, "Phonology and Articulation" pages and "Additional Resource" pages.

The copyright philosophy used on Commtap is similar to that used on Wikipedia.

Uploaded resources

Pictures and files uploaded to Commtap should use one of these Creative Commons licences.

Please note, just because a file or picture is included on a website does not mean that it can be copied and used elsewhere.

Organisation and events/training pages

These pages are generally created by organisations unrelated to Commtap. If you want to reproduce any material from these pages - and it's not clear on those pages whether or not it is ok - you should contact the organisation directly to check. Note, this does not apply to communication resources on Commtap created by organisations - these will still have a Creative Commons or similar license.

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