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How the project is run  

The Commtap site is run independently by a not for profit organisation (Commtap CIC). It has had support from Tower Hamlets NHS Primary Care Trust (now part of Barts Health) Speech and Language Therapy Service to Children and Tower Hamlets Education and has received financial support from the Canary Wharf Group and UnLtd.

The following people are involved in the co-ordination and running of the project (and provide their time for free in doing so!)

  • Lorna Lloyd
  • Clare Minton
  • Neil Thompson

Many other people have been involved in keeping the project going - particularly all the people who have added or edited material on the site.

We are keen to widen the participation in this project to as many Education Authorities and SLT departments as may be interested so that this resource can be developed into something that will be really useful for many people working with communication. Please contact us if you are interested.

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