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Phonetic character lists  

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If you want to use any special phonetic characters, you can copy and paste them from this page. Note, the examples below will vary from accent to accent. For a complete list of phonetic symbols for RP English, see: http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/wells/phoneticsymbolsforenglish.htm.


Symbol Example
church, catch, nature
judge, age, soldier
θ thing, author, path
ð the, other, smooth
ʃ ship, sure, national
ʒ pleasure, vision
ŋ ring, anger
ʔ (glottal stop), e.g. water pronounced wa'er in some accents


ɪ pin, kit
æ cat, hat
ɒ cot, hot
ʌ love
ʊ foot
ɔ court, bought
ɜ nurse, hurt
ə the, about




ˈ (stress mark)

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