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Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint (Free Online Training)  

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Learn how to easily add visual supports to your lessons
Event topicAutism Spectrum, Commtap, Hearing Impairment, ICT/AAC, Listening, Speaking
Event TypeWorkshop
For work withChildren 0-5yrs, Children 5-11yrs, Children 11-16yrs, In post school education, Adults
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Provided byCommtap.

In this free workshop, we show you how you can use the Commtap Symboliser add-in for PowerPoint so that you can easily add picture symbols to your lessons without leaving PowerPoint.

We will talk about:

  • What picture symbols are and how they can be used to support children across a school including those with communication and/or literacy difficulties.
  • Picture symbol sets and how you can obtain them - including free symbols and symbols you pay for;
  • How you can create resources using picture symbols and add picture symbols to lesson materials you create in PowerPoint.
  • Creating consistent use of symbols and other visual supports across a school - and how the Commtap Symboliser allows you to standardise picture and symbol use for a whole school.
  • Any other questions you have.
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