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Using Commtap in Schools (Free Training)  

This page was originally created for/by the following organisation: Commtap.
One hour workshop for teaching and learning support staff exploring the Commtap resource
Event topicCommtap, Listening, Speaking
Event TypeWorkshop
For work withChildren 0-5yrs, Children 5-11yrs, Children 11-16yrs
LocationEngland, United Kingdom; Scotland, United Kingdom; Wales, United Kingdom
Booking link
07986 356634
Provided byCommtap.

This one hour workshop* will take you through the Commtap site - how it is organised, how you can find activities for working with children with communication disabilities - using the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning or the P-Scales/former National Curriculum depending on your setting. The workshop includes:

  • P-levels/National Curriculum/EYFS (as appropriate) and communication skills;
  • Finding appropriate activities based on a child's level, or to continue on from work you are already doing;
  • Using the site to step up or step down a level;
  • Tour of the site, and how it can be used to support your daily work;
  • Plenty of opportunities to practice using the site and ask questions.

* The workshop can be extended to an hour an half if you wish; a follow-up workshop for trouble-shooting is also available.


We will run the presentation at your school or other venue (for example at a SENCO conference) - ideally in an IT suite as people will need access to a computer. We are able to travel within the UK.


Free in the following areas:

  • Greater London (within M25 area);
  • Worcestershire;
  • Birmingham.

For other areas in the UK we will need travel expenses - please enquire.

How to sign up

Please contact us if you would like us to come and speak to you.

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