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Early Years Scale (EYFS)  

up Table list0-11m8-20m16-26m22-36m30-50m40-60+mAny
Personal, Social and EmotionalPersonal, Social and Emotional 0-11mPersonal, Social and Emotional 8-20mPersonal, Social and Emotional 16-26mPersonal, Social and Emotional 22-36mPersonal, Social and Emotional 30-50mPersonal, Social and Emotional 40-60+mPersonal, Social and Emotional Any
Physical DevelopmentPhysical Development 0-11mPhysical Development 8-20mPhysical Development 16-26mPhysical Development 22-36mPhysical Development 30-50mPhysical Development 40-60+mPhysical Development Any
Communication and LanguageCommunication and Language 0-11mCommunication and Language 8-20mCommunication and Language 16-26mCommunication and Language 22-36mCommunication and Language 30-50mCommunication and Language 40-60+mCommunication and Language Any
LiteracyLiteracy 0-11mLiteracy 8-20mLiteracy 16-26mLiteracy 22-36mLiteracy 30-50mLiteracy 40-60+mLiteracy Any
MathematicsMathematics 0-11mMathematics 8-20mMathematics 16-26mMathematics 22-36mMathematics 30-50mMathematics 40-60+mMathematics Any
Understanding of the WorldUnderstanding of the World 0-11mUnderstanding of the World 8-20mUnderstanding of the World 16-26mUnderstanding of the World 22-36mUnderstanding of the World 30-50mUnderstanding of the World 40-60+mUnderstanding of the World Any
Expressive Arts and DesignExpressive Arts and Design 0-11mExpressive Arts and Design 8-20mExpressive Arts and Design 16-26mExpressive Arts and Design 22-36mExpressive Arts and Design 30-50mExpressive Arts and Design 40-60+mExpressive Arts and Design Any
AnyAny 0-11mAny 8-20mAny 16-26mAny 22-36mAny 30-50mAny 40-60+mAny Any
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