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Arasaac picture symbols in colour

This version updated 28 May 2019

Picture symbols for over 8000 words in English from the Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. You can use these in your documents or you could use it in conjunction with the Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint. The image format used in this set is "png" which is a commonly used image format.


Quote from the Arasaac website:

"The portal offers ARASAAC graphic resources and materials to facilitate communication for those with some sort of problem in this area. This project has been financed by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Aragonese Government and coordinated by the General Directorate of Innovation, Equality and Participation of this department.


Additional notes about this symbol set

  • Many of the symbols have been renamed to include synonyms - meaning symbols can be found for a greater number of words.
  • Word stems are included in the names - for example the image for the word "bicycle" includes "cycl" in the name: symbolising software which use stemming will be able to find a picture more often for a word you type - in this case "cycles", "cycle" and "cycling" will all match this symbol.


Copyright of the ARASAAC images

The images can be used under this Creative Commons License for non-commercial purposes.




The download file is very large and could take several minutes or longer depending on your connection.

Size: 344MB

Number of images: 7053

After downloading, you can "unzip" the file on Windows by right clicking on it and choosing "Extract All".



Instructions for using with the Commtap Symboliser

This assumes that you have the Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint installed.

  • Choose preferences in the Commtap Symboliser group in the PowerPoint ribbon.
  • Choose "Create Word List from Folder".
  • Browse to the folder you just created for your symbols (when you "unzipped" them - above).
  • Choose "OK".



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