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The chute is a special/fun posting box which is designed for posting cards with something on each side. You post it with one side facing up, and it pops out of the bottom showing the other side. You could use this for phonology work for example, having picture cards with the initial sound written on the back. The pupil says the initial sound for the picture, posts the card and checks if they were right from the card when it comes out the bottom.

How to make the chute

You will need:

  • A clean empty litre-sized fruit juice carton
  • Sheet of card  8cm X 19 cm (sheet a) folded 1cm from the bottom
  • Sheet of card 8 cm x  14 cm (sheet b)
  • Adjust size to fit box if necessary

Putting it together

1.    Open the top of the empty juice carton.

2.    At the front of the carton, cut two horizontal, rectangular slits the width of the carton measuring  2cm in height at the following places:

i.  4 centimetres

    from the top and

ii  4 centimetres   

    from the bottom

3.    Put ‘sheet a’ into the box and feed its bottom out through the lower opening of the box to the outside and glue the 1cm flap just below the opening. Stick the top of the sheet against the top of the inside back wall of the box.

4.    Feed the ‘sheet b’ into the top slot and glue 1cm flap to the bottom edge of the top opening. Pull through to the outside the folded top 1cm and  glue it to the upper edge of the top opening.  Feed the bottom of sheet b out through the bottom opening and flue the 1cm flap to the top edge of the slit.

5.    Seal the top of the carton.

The Chute could be prepared prior to an activity by an adult, but there is tremendous value in the pupil being involved in following the instructions and taking ownership of it by decorating it themselves.

Cards to use with the chute

The cards should be 4cm x 6cm, with target (answer) written on one side and the prompt or question on the other side.


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