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Neil's Sponsored Skate for Commtap  

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Neil skating

Fundraising target: £500

Raised so far: £185

On 1st September I will be returning to my Danish roots and skating the Copenhagen Marathon to raise money for Commtap. 

Commtap is the not-for-profit organisation I co-founded in 2003 with two other speech & language therapists Lorna Lloyd and Sarah Braithwaite, and Janeta Guarnieri, a specialist teacher.

We provide a free website to support those who work with and care for people with communication disabilities. Every month 6,000 people from across the world visit our website to find new resources and share their own ideas.

Everyone involved in Commtap gives their time for free (since 2005 I have been volunteering three days per week to build and maintain the website) but there are inevitably some things we do need to pay for, and it costs about £10,000 per year to keep us up and running.

There are inline skating marathons all round the world, but I chose Copenhagen because of my Danish grandmother. I've even been learning the language in preparation for my visit. ("Jeg vil gerne have en kop te.")

It would be fantastic if you could help me reach my target. Many thanks again for your support!



I skated the marathon, though unfortunately due to a muscle injury I had to pull out after 10 miles :-(. Thank you to everyone who sponsored me to raise funds for Commtap!


Donations will go straight to Commtap (via PayPal). You do not need to have a PayPal account and you don't need to set one up!


Display Name Date Amount Message
Ian Prichard 09/09/2013 £15.00  
Alex and Wendy Martin 19/08/2013 £20.00  
Catherine Bumbac 19/08/2013 £10.00  
Neil Busby 14/08/2013 £20.00  
Jo Thompson 14/08/2013 £10.00  
Laura 16/07/2013 £15.00  
Duncan Exley  09/07/2013 £10.00  
Peter  07/07/2013 £5.00 Good luck Neil! 
Janet Chapman  04/07/2013 £20.00 Good luck Neil! 
Janet Evans  30/06/2013 £20.00 Good luck, Neil! Love Janet and Graham 
Alan  30/06/2013 £20.00 Go for it Neil! 
Kathryn  28/06/2013 £20.00 Happy skating Neil xxx 

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