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Category: Level 1  

This is a category in the "Question/comment level ("Blank's Level of Discourse")" category list.


"Matching Perception"

Examples of contexts and questions From Blank, Rose, and Berlin (1978):
  • A. Scanning for a matching object (Find one like this.)
  • B. Identifying an object by sound (Show me what you heard.)
  • C. Identifying an object by touch (Show me what you touched.)
  • D. Naming an object heard (What did you hear?)
  • E. Naming an object touched (What did you touch?)
  • F. Naming an object seen (What is this?)
  • G. Imitating a simple sentence (Say this...)
  • H. Remembering pictured objects (What did you see?)
  • I. Remembering incidental information (What did you see?)


Blank M., Rose S., and Berlin L. (1978) "The Language of Learning: The Preschool Years". Grune and Stratton, New York.

Blank's Levels of Discourse and the associated descriptions quoted from Blank, Rose and Berlin (1978) are used on Commtap by kind permission of Dr. Marion Blank. Marion Blank's software programmes Reading Kingdom and ASD Reading use the ideas developed in this discourse model.

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