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Categories for Language and Communication Activities Pages on Commtap  

See also: full list of categories used on Commtap.

Currently language and communication pages can be categorised in Commtap using:

  • UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum;
  • P-levels and National Curriculum;
  • A "generic" TAP scale.

Additionally, these pages can be categorised with:

  • Activity or Strategy;
  • Individual or Group;
  • Type of skill - Whether a key skill (or life skill) and/or a more specific curriculum skill;
  • Context (the context of where the communication is taking place);
  • Accompanying disability (e.g. SCD - social communication disorder such as autism);
  • Additional or Alternative Communication Method (e.g. symbols, signs);
  • Blanks Levels of Discourse.

Would any additional categories be useful? For example the following have been suggested:

  • Concept categories (e.g. time/sequence, spatial, quantity);
  • Number of key words.

Add a comment below if you think any of these would be useful (you will need to be logged in).



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