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Communication activities and strategies for use in school lessons  

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Context and Lesson Topics/Subjects

The context category on Commtap can be used to identify where/when a communication takes place: it allows activities sheets to be created which suggest activities and strategies to use in different situations for the targeted communication skill. For example, the skill could be "use single key words" whilst the context could be shopping.

Activities and strategies can also be developed for use in different lessons - so that teachers can more easily integrate work on specific communication skills with children in lessons rather than just when children are taken out of class to do something different.

So far, there are only a small number of activities sheets on Commtap which have been put together in this way. This activities sheet is designed for use in a PSHE lesson where the communication goal is sequencing three pictures.

You can create more activities sheets like this:

  1. Think of a child you are working with;
  2. Look at their communication goals;
  3. Find activities for those communication goals on Commtap;
  4. Think about lessons/topics that the child currently does at school;
  5. Think what activities/strategies people could use in those lessons to work towards the communication goals (note: the activities/strategies MUST relate to the lessons/topic and should use materials you might expect to find in those lessons);
  6. Create a new activities sheet;
  7. On step 3 of creating or editing a language and communication page, select the lesson/topic area under "context" - (school -> area of work ->): if that's not specific enough for you, put a comment in the "Notes about this page" box.

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