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Commtap for Speech and Language Therapy Students  

This two hour workshop is aimed at Speech and Language Therapy students. We will show students how the site is organised and how to add and edit things on the site. The workshop includes:

  • P-levels/National Curriculum/Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and how they relate to communication skills;
  • Ways of finding material on the site;
  • Tour of the site, and how it students can use it to support their work during their placements;
  • How to add or edit material on the site;
  • Guidance on structuring the content of activities sheets in a way that makes them easy to use by parents/carers or staff in schools or other institutions;
  • Plenty of opportunities to practice using the site and ask questions.

The workshop is run by an experienced speech and language therapist.


We will run the presentation at your university. Participants should have access to computers. We are able to travel across the UK. Please contact us if you are interested in this, but don't live or work within this area.

Who is it for

Speech and language therapy students who have ideally had some placement experience.


Free in the following areas:

  • Greater London;
  • Worcestershire;
  • Birmingham.

We will require travel expenses for other locations.

How to sign up

Please contact us if you would like us to come and speak to you.

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