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Commtap Workshops and Getting Involved  

Getting Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the Commtap community and helping to develop the project. You could:

  • Provide feedback about the project by contacting us;
  • You can add a comment to any of the activities pages on the site - for example with tips that other people might find useful (you will need to sign in to add a comment);
  • You can create a new activities page or resource (you will need to sign in);
  • You can edit an activities page or resource that is already on the site (you will need to sign in);
  • You could spread the word locally to people you work with;
  • You could help with fund raising - or suggest some ideas (it costs nearly £10,000 a year to run Commtap - and that's with us all working voluntarily on it!).

Commtap Ambassadors

Do you use Commtap, and would you like to promote its use in your area? The more people that use and contribute to Commtap, the more useful it will become for our work with children and adults with communication disabilities... [more]


List of Commtap workshops.

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