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Language and Communication To be able to name items from different categories  This resource has been viewed by a moderator.


These activities will help your child to name items from different categories. A category is a group of items that have a similar feature, e.g. dog and cat are both animals. These activities can help support children who have word finding difficulties.

You may find the following information sheets useful:

Word Finding Difficulties

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Early years skill:Speaking
Early years typical range:30-50m
P-scales/Curriculum skill:English Speaking
P-scales/Curriculum level:P7
TAP skill:Expressive Language
TAP level:TAP42
Pre/Nat. Curriculum Area:not specified
Pre/Nat. Curiculum Standard:not specified
Section:Early Years (0-5yrs) info; Primary (5-11yrs) info; Secondary (11-16yrs) info
Activity/strategy name and materials required How to do the activity Key principles for doing the activity and comments
Think of a... Game

- category dice - click here to print


- category cards - click here to print - if you do not have a printer you could make your own.

- normal dice (optional)

1. Print and cut out the catgeory cards and/or dice. You can make your own if you do not have access to a printer.

2. Explain to your child you are going to play a game where you think of items from different categories, e.g. 'animals' - you might say 'cat'.

3. Choose either the category dice or cards to play with.

4. Roll the dice or choose a card. The person has to name an item from that category. If the same category comes up later in the game, you need to think of a different item. You may want to keep a list of the items that have been named as a reminder.


To make the game harder, when you roll the category dice, or choose the category card, roll a normal dice to give you a number of item to name from that partiucalar category.

How many can I think of?

- Pen and paper

Write the name of a category in the middle of a page. Ask the child to think of as many different items from that group as possible. You or your child could write them down as you think of them.

Some ideas for categories:

Boy's names

Girl's names

Anything to do with football



Hot food





Things we do at school

Football teams

Players for a certain football team

Zoo animals

Farm animals

Things that need batteries


Places to go on holiday

Pizza toppings

Things to have in a sandwich

Things in a kitchen/ bathroom/bedroom etc.

Count up the number of suggestions the child has made. Next time you do the activity, the child can try to beat their score.

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