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Language and Communication Makes a choice from two items  This resource has been viewed by a moderator.


Pupils make a choice from two items

Early years skill:Numbers
Early years typical range:8-20m
P-scales/Curriculum skill:Maths
P-scales/Curriculum level:P3ii
TAP skill:Language (old categories)
TAP level:TAP18
Pre/Nat. Curriculum Area:Inititation
Pre/Nat. Curiculum Standard:Engagement
Section:Early Years (0-5yrs) info; Primary (5-11yrs) info
Activity/strategy name and materials required How to do the activity Key principles for doing the activity and comments
Choosing between food items 1
  • Small pieces of desired food
  • Small pieces of less desired food
  1. Find a quiet place to work and sit opposite the child.
  2. Get the child's attention by calling their name or stroking a cheek or clapping your hands.
  3. Present pairs of food items the child must choose from (one desired and one less desired item).
  4. Put them on a small tray and place the items as far apart as possible.
  5. At first give choices between favoured and hated food items e.g. crisps and raw onion!
  6. Draw the child's attention to both the options. You may need to take the child's hand and reach their hand in the direction of the options. Say "Look ... ... crisps ... ... onion. Choose".

Give child time to settle and see the items to choose from.

Work for short bursts.

Give lots of praise for making a choice or starting to make a choice.

Choosing between food items 2

Small pieces of 2 different desired foods.

Follow the procedure above but offer choices of two desired food items. It's more difficult for a child to choose between two desirable things than one nice and one nasty thing.

Follow the procedure as for food choices.

Choosing between toy items 1
  • One desired toy
  • One undesired toy.

Follow the procedure for choices between desired and undesired food items.

Choosing between toy items 2

Two desired toys

Follow the procedure for choices between two desired food items.

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