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Language and Communication Use the terms one and lots  This resource has been viewed by a moderator.


Pupils use the term 'one' and 'lots'.

Early years skill:Numbers
Early years typical range:22-36m
P-scales/Curriculum skill:Maths Number and Algebra
P-scales/Curriculum level:P5
TAP skill:Expressive Language
TAP level:TAP30
Pre/Nat. Curriculum Area:not specified
Pre/Nat. Curiculum Standard:not specified
Section:Early Years (0-5yrs) info; Primary (5-11yrs) info
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Activity/strategy name and materials required How to do the activity Key principles for doing the activity and comments
Sorting objects


Pencils and coloured pencils

Plastic cups

Symbol to represent 'one' and 'lots'

Collect lego pieces that are all the same size and colour - add one lego piece that is different.

Sort the lego into bowls and use the symbols of 'one' and 'lots' to label the bowls. Ask the child to give you 'one' or 'lots' and give as much help as needed to ensure success. Reward the child for completing the activity even if you have given lots of help.

Do the same sorting activity with lots of pencils adding one coloured pencil

Do the same with plastic cups adding one that is different

Understanding that things can be categorized and labelled in many ways.

Extend this skill to everyday life - categorize knives and forks, shoes and boots etc

Snack time

Symbols for 'one' and 'lots' on plates.

Snack items

Cars, marbles, toys

Garage with a car ramp and a number of cars

Marble run game with lots of marbles

Bag of toys with lots of toys in and bag with only one toy in.

Feeding soft toys

Soft toys and pictures of food.


Computer printouts or hand made drawings of groups of lots of teddies/boxes/flowers etc and single teddy/box/flower.

Symbols of 'one' and 'lots'

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