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Category: Moving and handling 8-20m  

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Abbreviation: PD-M 8-20m

See also: Early Years Scale (EYFS) descriptions. Category lists.


Sits unsupported on the floor. •When sitting, can lean forward to pick up small toys. •Pulls to standing, holding on to furniture or person for support. •Crawls, bottom shuffles or rolls continuously to move around. •Walks around furniture lifting one foot and stepping sideways (cruising), and walks with one or both hands held by adult. •Takes first few steps independently. •Passes toys from one hand to the other. •Holds an object in each hand and brings them together in the middle, e.g. holds two blocks and bangs them together. •Picks up small objects between thumb and fingers. •Enjoys the sensory experience of making marks in damp sand, paste or paint. •Holds pen or crayon using a whole hand (palmar) grasp and makes random marks with different strokes.

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