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Language and Communication make predictions about physical actions  This resource has been viewed by a moderator.


The child will be able to say what will happen next and what could happen in a given situation involving objects.

Early years skill:not specified
Early years typical range:not specified
P-scales/Curriculum skill:Physical Processes
P-scales/Curriculum level:L1
TAP skill:Language (old categories)
TAP level:TAP60
Pre/Nat. Curriculum Area:not specified
Pre/Nat. Curiculum Standard:not specified
Section:Primary (5-11yrs) info; Secondary (11-16yrs) info
Activity/strategy name and materials required How to do the activity Key principles for doing the activity and comments
What would happen if?

Selection of the following equipment as appropriate:

Candle and matches/ lighter;

Balloon and pin;

Building bricks/ Jenga game;

Jug and cups, access to sink;

Glass, water and instant coffee granules

Using appropriate equipment, ask the child to predict what will happen, then carry out the action to see if they were right:

What will happen if you...

Touch a flame to the candle's wick?

Hold the candle horizontally?

Blow onto the candle's flame?

Blow into the balloon?

Touch the balloon with the blunt end of the pin?

Touch the balloon with the sharp end?

Put a large brick on top of a smaller brick?

Build a tower using all the bricks?

Pull out a brick from lower down the tower?

Start the tower on an uneven surface?

Put lots of water (more than it can hold) into a cup?

Have the cup upside down when you try to fill it?

Put some coffee granules in the glass, then add cold water?

Fill the glass with water, then sprinkle coffee granules on the top?

Science activities

Equipment as appropriate to the science activity.

When carrying out any science experiment (such as rolling a car down a slope at different angles), ask the child to predict what will happen.

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