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Language and Communication Plays games using dice  This resource has been viewed by a moderator.


Plays games using dice with 1-3 or 1-6 spots

Early years skill:Numbers
Early years typical range:30-50m
P-scales/Nat. Curriculum skill:Maths Number and Algebra
P-scales/Nat. Curriculum level:P6
TAP skill:Language
TAP level:TAP36
Section:Early Years (0-5yrs) info; Primary (5-11yrs) info

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Activity/strategy name and materials required How to do the activity Key principles for doing the activity and comments
Basic board games with simple dice

Larger home-made die with the following on the sides:

  1. 1, 2 and 3 spots (each number of spots will appear on two sides), or, alternatively:
  2. like a conventional die with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 spots on the sides.

Simple board games (probably best to be home made so they can be simple and adapted to meet your needs e.g. reinforce the colours being taught etc).

1. Take it in turn to roll a die.

2. Count the spots on the side that faces up.

3. Repeat the number a few times - 'ok, you go 3. Number 3; let's count 3 places...'

4. Move the counter forward 3 places, counting each square.

5. Roll again etc.


Count each spot/square by touching it with your finger

Extension activity: each square could be one of 3 colours. When you land on a red square you choose a card from the red pile... so vocabulary or sight words etc. could be targeted too.

Counting actions

Action Cards - clapping, jumping, nodding, stand up;

Simple die (as above).

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