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Speech Auditory discrimination of minimal pairs  This resource has been viewed by a moderator.


To be able to auditorily discriminate between pairs of word which differ by one sound, for example "key" vs "tea".

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Phonology/Articulation:Speech sounds
Section:Secondary (11-16yrs) info; Post School Education info; Adult info
Activity/strategy name and materials required How to do the activity Key principles for doing the activity and comments
Main instructions

Pictures of minimal pair words (e.g. key/tea) - photocopy them on to card (e.g. 6 of each word) so that you can't see through the card.

1. Put one of each picture (e.g. key and tea) on the table, face up.

2. Mix up the rest of the pictures and put them in a pile face down.

3. Take one picture from the pile, don't let the person see it!

4. Say what is on the picture (e.g. key).

5. Make sure you present the pictures in a random order so that the person can't predict what's coming next.

6. The person has to find the appropriate picture on the table.

These are the main instructions for the activities. Use this with the games below.

Lotto game

Lotto boards (4 pictures to a board. Use pairs of words from the list above, but do not put both words of a pair on the same board)

Corresponding picture cards

Play this in a pair or small group.

Give the everyone a lotto board. Explain that they need to listen carefully to what you are going to call.

Shuffle the picture cards and keep them face down. Take one card at a time, and say what picture is on it. Whoever has that picture must ask for it.

The first person to fill their board wins.

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