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Category: Realisation (Engagement)  

Abbreviation: REA ENG

See also: Pre-curriculum/National curriculum descriptions. Category lists.


This shows how the pupil interacts with a new stimulus or activity or discovers a new aspect of a familiar stimulus or activity. They will display behaviours that show they want more control of the stimulus or activity, for example by stopping it or trying to make changes to it. The pupil will often show what familiar adults consider to be ‘surprise’, ‘excitement’, ‘delight’, ‘amazement’ or ‘fear’.

Realisation becomes more established when the pupil uses the newly developed skills or knowledge in new ways and in different contexts or environments. This is important as it can keep the pupil excited in their education and prevents an activity from becoming routine.

"Realisation Engagement" pages

Early Years (0-5yrs) Section:

Primary (5-11yrs) Section:

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