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Category: Making Relationships 0-11m  

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Abbreviation: PSE-MR 0-11m

See also: Early Years Scale (EYFS) descriptions. Category lists.


  • Enjoys the company of others and seeks contact with others from birth.
  • Gazes at faces and copies facial movements. e.g. sticking out
  • tongue, opening mouth and widening eyes.
  • Responds when talked to, for example, moves arms and legs,
  • changes facial expression, moves body and makes mouth movements.
  • Recognises and is most responsive to main carer’s voice: face
  • brightens, activity increases when familiar carer appears.
  • Responds to what carer is paying attention to, e.g. following
  • their gaze.
  • Likes cuddles and being held: calms, snuggles in, smiles,
  • gazes at carer’s face or strokes carer’s skin.

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