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Category: English Speaking P7  

Abbreviation: ES P7

See also: P Scales/National Curriculum table. Category lists. English Speaking P6. English Speaking P8.


"Pupils use phrases with up to three key words, signs or symbols to communicate simple ideas, events or stories to others, for example, ‘I want big chocolate muffin’. They use regular plurals correctly. They communicate ideas about present, past and future events and experiences, using simple phrases and statements, for example, ‘We going cinema on Friday’. They contribute appropriately one-to-one and in small group discussions and role play. They use the conjunction and to link ideas or add new information beyond what is asked."

Source: Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 2009. Retrieved 8/9/2011. Copyright information.

"English Speaking P7" pages

Early Years (0-5yrs) Section:

Primary (5-11yrs) Section:

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