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Category: Maths Number and Algebra P7  

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Abbreviation: MN P7

See also: P Scales/Curriculum Levels descriptions. Category lists.


Pupils join in rote counting to 10, for example, saying or signing number names to 10 in counting activities. They can count at least 5 objects reliably, for example, candles on a cake, bricks in a tower. They recognise numerals from 1 to 5 and understand that each represents a constant number or amount, for example, putting correct number of objects (1 to 5) into containers marked with the numeral; collecting the correct number of items up to five. Pupils demonstrate an understanding of ‘less’, for example, indicating which bottle has less water in it. In practical situations they respond to ‘add one’ to a number of objects, for example, responding to requests such as add one pencil to the pencils in the pot, add one sweet to the dish.

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