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Category: Science P7  

Abbreviation: S P7

See also: P Scales/Curriculum Levels descriptions. Category lists.


Pupils understand the scientific use of some simple vocabulary, such as before, after, bumpy, grow, eat, move and can communicate related ideas and observations using simple phrases, for example, which food to give which animal. Pupils can demonstrate simple properties of light, sound and movement, for example, bright, noisy/quiet, fast/slow. They make simple records of their findings, for example, by putting pictures of an activity in sequence. They begin to make suggestions for planning and evaluating their work, for example, responding to the question ‘Was that right or wrong?’ ‘Showing’, ‘demonstrating’ ‘trying out’ ‘responding’ etc may be done by any means appropriate to the pupil’s preferred mode of communication and physical abilities. For some pupils this may mean directing an adult undertaking the task.

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