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Category: Maths Number and Algebra P6  

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Abbreviation: MN P6

See also: P Scales/Curriculum Levels descriptions. Category lists.


Pupils demonstrate an understanding of one-to-one correspondence in a range of contexts, for example: matching objects such as cups to saucers, straws to drink cartons. Pupils join in rote counting up to five, for example, saying or signing number names to 5 in counting activities. They count reliably to three, make sets of up to three objects and use numbers to three in familiar activities and games, for example, touching one, two, three items as an adult counts, counting toys or pictures, counting out sets of three, e.g. knife, fork and spoon. They demonstrate an understanding of the concept of ‘more, for example, indicating that more cups, counters, food items are required. They join in with new number rhymes, songs, stories and games.

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