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Category: Maths Shape Space and Measures P6  

Abbreviation: MS P6

See also: P Scales/Curriculum Levels descriptions. Category lists.


Pupils search for objects not found in their usual place demonstrating their understanding of object permanence, for example, looking for cups when they are not in their usual cupboard. They compare the overall size of one object with that of another where the difference is not great, for example, identifying the bigger of two Russian Dolls or nesting cubes. They manipulate three-dimensional shapes, for example, putting shapes into a shape sorter, using 3D objects to build and manipulate in role-play, rolling a tube in a race with a partner. They show understanding of words signs and symbols that describe positions, for example, responding to a request to put an object in, on, under or inside another object.

"Maths Shape Space and Measures P6" pages

Early Years (0-5yrs) Section:

Primary (5-11yrs) Section:

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