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Category: Maths Using and Applying P8  

Abbreviation: MU P8

See also: P Scales/Curriculum Levels descriptions. Category lists.


Pupils talk about, recognise and copy simple repeating patterns and sequences, for example, recognising and describing simple repeating patterns on textiles or necklaces from different cultures; recognising and describing a pattern of socks on a line; joining in a pattern of hand claps; talking about and copying patterns such as beats in familiar music; shapes made by hand and feet in damp sand; sponge prints. Pupils use their developing mathematical understanding of counting up to ten to solve simple problems encountered in play, games or other work, for example, using tokens or marks to tally events or scoring in games; counting in the school environment; using ordinal words to describe positions and turns. Pupils make simple estimates, for example, estimating the number of cubes that will fit into a box or the number of strides across a room.

"Maths Using and Applying P8" pages

Early Years (0-5yrs) Section:

Primary (5-11yrs) Section:

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