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Category: Maths Shape Space and Measures P8  

Abbreviation: MS P8

See also: P Scales/Curriculum Levels descriptions. Category lists.


Pupils compare objects directly, focusing on one dimension such as length or height where the difference is marked and can indicate ‘the long one’ or ‘the tall one’, for example, comparing two plants, placed side by side and indicating the tall one or comparing two zips and indicating the long one. They show awareness of time, through some familiarity with names of the days of the week and significant times in their day, such as meal times, bed times, for example, ordering events in their day on a visual daily timetable, understanding and using names of days of the week, ‘no school on Saturday or Sunday, swimming on Wednesday’. They respond to mathematical vocabulary such as ‘straight’, ‘circle’, ‘larger’ to describe the shape and size of solids and flat shapes, for example, when shopping, pupils find boxes with straight edges to pack into the carrier bag; identify the larger circle when stacking two cans. They describe shapes in simple models, pictures and patterns, for example, stamping shapes in sand and describing them, using a set of flat shapes to make pictures or patterns, naming some of the shapes used, identifying specific shapes from pictures, simple models or patterns.

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