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Seeking advice  

Are you a speech and language therapist? You could work for Commtap!
Commtap is looking for an experienced speech and language therapist to write ideas to help parents support their children with communication difficulties. Find out more and apply.

We highly recommend that you seek advice from a speech and language therapist, specialist language and communication teacher or other appropriate specialist before using the activities on this site. Activities sheets give details of activities you can use to work towards various communication targets. How they should be used will differ according to the individual or individuals you are working with.

It is not possible to include in the descriptions of the activities what to do in all possible situations, for example how to make the activity simpler for a child who is having difficulties, or how to make it more difficult if they find it too easy. The reason this information cannot be included is because what precisely you will need to do with any particular person will be different, and so to include all possible situations and potential problems would result in many pages of explanations for each activity.

A Speech and Language Therapist or Specialist Language and Communication teacher will be able to show you how to use these activities successfully with the children or adults you are working with.

You will also need to work with a Speech and Language Therapist or Language and Communication teacher to determine where the child or adult is at with their communication and what is an appropriate next step.

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