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How Commtap activities sheets are named  

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This information applies to "Language and Communication activities sheets" and "Phonology and Articulation activieis sheets".

The name of the activities sheet will say what it is for - and will usually be a skill to work on, for example "recall key information from a story".

At the beginning of the title, you will usually see some letters and numbers which indicate what level and skill area the activities sheet addresses. For example you might see this one displayed as:

EL P8 recall key information from a story

EL stands for English Listening, and P8 is the corresponding level in the P-scales.

You can also see what skill area/level this activities sheet might apply to in Early Years. In the categorisation box on the left of the page, use the drop down to change from "P Scales/National Curriculum" to "Early Years Scale (EYFS)". The title of the activities sheet now looks like this:

CLL-LC 40-60+m recall key information from a story

CLL-LC stands for Communication Language and Literacy - Language and Communication.

Note that activities sheets are not necessarily designed to be used across different settings - the sections that the authors of the activities sheet feel are appropriate are indicated on the sheet.

Information about scales used on Commtap for language and communication.

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