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How to print or save pages  

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All the activities sheets on Commtap are "printer friendly". You can just print these out using your browser's print button or menu. You can also click on the print icon () displayed towards the top right of the page. When you click on this, you will get a preview of what the page should look like when you print, and a button to click for doing the printing.


Saving as a Word document

You can save activities sheets as Word documents - so you can then further adapt them for your own needs. Look out for the Word icon () to the right of the title of an activities sheet. This uses the newer "docx" format. If you have a version of Word prior to Word 2007 then you may need to download a "converter" from Microsoft.

Saving as a web page

On most browsers you can save whole web pages to your computer - these are usually stored as several files, so are often not very convenient. How you do this will depend on your browser (e.g. whether it is Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and so on).

Saving as a PDF file

With some browsers, when you print, you have the option of saving what you were going to print as a PDF file instead. You can do this on Google Chrome, and you can also do this from any browser if you are using a Mac. You can also use a programme called "CutePDF" to do this.

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