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Adding links to pages

Usually you can add links in resources by:

  • selecting some text
  • clicking on the link button
  • entering the link address

In the description box for a resource, there might not be a link button; but you may still be able to enter a link. Type:

<a href="link">text for your link</a>

For example, for a link to pictogram on Wikipedia which will look like this: Pictogram, type:

<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pictogram">Pictogram</a>

If you are creating a link to somewhere else on the Commtap website, leave out the domain part, like this:

<a href="/cvg-first-page/2">Find resources by</a>

Use "/cvg-first-page/2" rather than "https://en.commtap.org/cvg-first-page/2"

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