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What a Commtap activities sheet looks like  

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This is what a Commtap activities sheet looks like.


You can often change how the skill/level is displayed by changing the drop down in the categorisation box on the left. What the skill/level numbers and letters stand for is given below the description on the activities page. You can usually get a longer description if you click on the skill/level.

Type of sheet icon

You will see this particular icon on language and communication activities sheets. You will also see the type of activities sheet displayed at the top of the Commtap guided search box on the left.

Other information displayed on the activities sheet

Description: fuller description of what the activities sheet is for;

Section: the age ranges/settings this activities sheet is for;

Additional information: click on this to find more information about the activities sheet.


Each activity has a row in the table. The first column in a row has the title of the activity and the materials needed to do it. The second column has the instructions. The third column may contain comments about important aspects to bear in mind when doing the activity.

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