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Category: Maths Shape Space and Measures L5  

Abbreviation: MS L5

See also: P Scales/National Curriculum table. Category lists. Maths Shape Space and Measures L4. Maths Shape Space and Measures L6 - L8+.


"When constructing models and when drawing or using shapes, pupils measure and draw angles to the nearest degree, and use language associated with angle. Pupils know the angle sum of a triangle and that of angles at a point. They identify all the symmetries of 2-D shapes. They know the rough metric equivalents of imperial units still in daily use and convert one metric unit to another. They make sensible estimates of a range of measures in relation to everyday situations. Pupils understand and use the formula for the area of a rectangle."

Source: Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency. Retrieved 12/9/2011. Copyright information.

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