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Category: PSHE and Citizenship L8+  

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Abbreviation: PSHE L8+

See also: P Scales/Curriculum Levels descriptions. Category lists.


Citizenship (exceptional performance):

Pupils use and apply what they have learnt about the origins and substance of different viewpoints to present coherent, perceptive and compelling arguments on a wide range of citizenship issues. They research complex issues, selecting appropriate methodologies and drawing on their own and others’ experience of taking action. They assess and evaluate the validity of a wide range of viewpoints and evidence, synthesising them to draw clear conclusions. They take an overview of the key citizenship concepts of democracy, justice, rights and responsibilities, identities and diversity and make sophisticated observations relating to the connections between them. They take a leading role in defining, negotiating and undertaking courses of action with others to address citizenship issues and problems. They apply this practical understanding to analyse approaches citizens can take to improve society through individual and collective actions and democratic processes. They evaluate the impact and limitations of policies on communities (local to global) now and in the future and suggest alternatives. They debate challenging questions about the relationship between the UK and the wider world and the kind of society they as citizens would like to live in.

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